PVCA Board Says Save Guana

The Palm Valley Community Association Board and Leadership Team have voted unanimously to stand behind citizen advocacy group, Save Guana, in opposition of the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment for the Outpost property on Neck Rd. Click here for the announcement sent to members: PVCA SAYS SAVE GUANA

Click here to view Save Guana’s full-page ad in the St. Augustine Record: SAVE OR PAVE

For more information on how to get involved, please visit: SAVE GUANA NOW

“Some areas are suitable for development and some need to be preserved forever. The Outpost is without question, the latter.” – 1000 Friends of Florida

“If the Ponte Vedra Corporation makes the Outpost availabe for purchase, we will take immediate steps to try to conserve this property. The land meets every ecological criterion that would warrant its conservation.” – North Florida Land Trust