County Budget Crisis – Please Act.

Dear Palm Valley resident,

St. Johns County has a budget crisis looming in 2018. The rising cost of deferred maintenance, unfunded capital projects, and a growth rate that has outpaced the revenue required to maintain the services we expect have made it necessary to act. Continuing to dip into the reserves is unsustainable.

Increasing the county sales tax by one cent, instead of raising property taxes or fees, is suggested by several groups as the best alternative to meet the county’s revenue shortfall.

The Palm Valley Community Association Board believes the voters should decide this issue, not a majority vote of three county commissioners.

If you agree, please contact the Board of County Commissioners BEFORE THIS FRIDAY to put a referendum on the ballot regarding a one-cent sales tax. The deadline is July 18.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Deborah Lamir
President – Palm Valley Community Association

St. Augustine Record on the Budget: County Faces Budget Challenges in 2018
PV Recorder on the Sales Tax Initiative: Ponte Vedra Group Pushes for Sales Tax Increase

Phone or Email ALL 5 Commissioners THIS WEEK to allow the citizens of St Johns County to vote YES or NO on a St. Johns County one-cent sales tax.;;;;

James K. Johns, Chair
Commissioner, District 1
P: (904) 209-0301
C: (904) 615-7437

Jeb Smith
Commissioner, District 2
P: (904) 209-0302
C: (904) 325-4182

Paul M. Waldron
Commissioner, District 3
P: (904) 209-0303
C: (904) 436-3973

Jay Morris
Commissioner, District 4
P: (904) 209-0304
C: (904) 814-9403

Henry Dean, Vice-Chair
Commissioner, District 5
P: (904) 209-0305
C: (904) 325-3924