The Board of County Commissioners  voted unanimously (5-0), to deny zoning and non-zoning variances to the the proposed Resort Lifestyle development on the corner of Landrum Lane and Palm Valley Road.

The Board continually complimented the objective maturity and demeanor in which the community presented their opposition.

All of the commissioners were very articulate in describing why they were able to support the community view.

This is truly an example of how every member of the community has a say in what happens to us and for us.

Hopefully this isn’t the only time we can and will create the need for citizens to be involved.

We are sure the commissioners hear a lot about what they didn’t do, in this instance they were very conscience of the entire situation, and deliberated about how to serve the community needs the best.

Commissioner Bennett indicated she had received 700 emails on the lifestyle resort topic, the other commissioners mentioned a lot as well.

Maybe now its time to send them a THANK YOU NOTE for their efforts,understanding and help in this  instance.