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Palm Valley Community Association Mounts Ambitious Membership Drive

For Immediate Release—October 19, 2015

The Palm Valley Community Association (PVCA) has begun an ambitious membership drive designed to engage and mobilize residents throughout the community around the goal of influencing public policy on quality of life issues.

According to PVCA President, Garry Phillips, “those who live in Palm Valley enjoy a small town lifestyle. Like a small town, residents are likely to run into friends and neighbors any time they visit the local grocery store, the post office or the many retail shops in the area. Palm Valley is also surrounded by exceptional natural beauty with the Atlantic Ocean to the East, the Intracoastal Waterway to the west and the unspoiled Guana-Tolomato Preserve to the south”.

Phillips went on to state that “St. Johns County is growing at an astonishing rate; according to the county’s own figures, population grew 54% between 2000 and 2010 and is projected to grow another 33% in the next ten years. And while it’s not widely known, since 2011, the regulatory environment in Florida has become decidedly pro- developer. As a result we expect most vacant land in Palm Valley to be completely built-out in just a few more years.”

Brian Hurdis, Chairman of the PVCA’s Growth & Roadway Management Committee added, “We know growth has its benefits, but growth has begun to dramatically impact our quality of life. Traffic congestion at key intersections has become an everyday occurrence. Traffic volume has picked

up even on the side streets as motorists try to avoid the bottle-necks.”

The Palm Valley Community Association believes that quality of life is soon to become everybody’s problem and that the only effective way to influence government support for the necessary improvements will be through a unified effort. For that reason, the PVCA is using all available media and contacting all Homeowner’s Associations in the community to encourage their residents to work with the group on public policy issues.

Readers wanting more information or wishing to join the Palm Valley Community Association can do so by visiting the group’s website at

Editor: For more information contact PVCA Vice President Greg Leonard at 904-806-4111.